A Jet Stream

This is the illustration I have just finished today. I recently found that the number of cats in my illustrations became larger than that of dogs. Maybe I prefer cats as a subject of illustration, due to their willowy, feminine figures and the flexible, wild behavior. But I prefer dogs as a pet, as it is easier to have skin ships than cats. 今日描いたイラストです。 実家では犬を飼っていますが、最近動物を描くときには猫の割合が多くなりつつあります。猫の方が体の線が柔らかくて女性的なのと、動きがしなやかで野性的 だったりするので、絵のモチーフとしては好みのようです。でも飼う場合にはスキンシップをとりやすい犬の方がいいかな~~

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